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Summer Swaps to Freshen Up Your Summer

Summertime is the time to enjoy the sunshine, beach days and indulge in delicious treats that make the season so special! While it’s the time to enjoy an extra scoop of ice-cream or a sizzling BBQ on the patio, it’s also the perfect time of year to embrace “summer swaps” that keep you feeling refreshed and energized. It’s a few clever swaps, savour the flavour you love with an added burst of nutrition.

Are you ready to learn how to make the most out of summer eats with delicious, simple swaps that don’t sacrifice satisfaction?

Check out these tips for embracing summer swaps:

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth:  Summer cannot be complete without delicious refreshing desserts. There is no need to give up your favorite sweet tooth satisfiers, order a fruit-based sorbet (mango, strawberry, raspberry) which is a dairy-free, low-calorie high-water content cooling option for the warmer days. Alternatively, swap ice-cream with frozen yogurt (affectionately dubbed, “froyo”) with fresh fruit that gives you the creamy delight of ice-cream but with the probiotic-rich healthy attributes of yogurt.

  • Refresh your beverages: Staying ahead of your hydration cues is key to sustaining your outdoor fun summer activities. Whether it’s a beach picnic day, a sports day on the field or going for a walk during lunch, ensure you’re replenished with a beverage that your body will thank you for. Instead of reaching for sugary sodas or calorie-dense cocktails, try infusing water with sliced cucumber, lemon and mint. If you prefer fizzy drinks, add a cup of sparking water to the mix with a splash of 100% fruit juice.

  • Lighten up your summer grilling: Instead of the usual beef burger, try swapping with a turkey burger or a portobello mushroom - both options pairs well with sliced ripe tomato, arugula and avocado. For a strong finish with the sauce, try swapping traditional mayonnaise with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt mixed in with herbs for a fresh, vibrant bite.

  • Savour Summer with Grilled Veggie Fries: Upgrade your summer sides with grilled vegetables. Try grilled veggies such as zucchini, bell pepper or eggplant to offer a delightful crunch that is loaded with nutrients and fibre. Next time you're hosting a summer party or just want a quick idea of a side dish to go with any dinner - these grilled veggies are guaranteed to get your guests buzzing.


Fully enjoy your summer! Summer swaps are about enhancing your food experience, not restricting it. We hope you can indulge in the season’s delights while feeling your best. If you’re interested in diving deeper into these tips, get in touch with your FSEAP Registered Dietitian today!


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