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Transform Your Health: Consult a Dietitian

Updated: Apr 8

In celebration of Nutrition Month this March, Dietitians of Canada is encouraging

you to unlock the potential of food with the help of a Registered Dietitian. Did you

know that Registered Dietitians are the most knowledgeable professionals when it

comes to nutrition? There are many reasons to consult a dietitian, and many ways in

which optimizing your diet can transform your health. Here are just a few reasons ways

dietitians can help you unlock the potential of food.

5 Reasons to consult a Registered Dietitian:

1. Disease Prevention or Management

If you have a health condition or are at high risk for a condition such as diabetes, heart

disease, hypertension, kidney disease, IBS, Celiac disease, and others, a dietitian can help.

In addition to your medical treatment plan, nutrition therapy can help prevent and/or

manage your health condition. In some cases, nutrition interventions can even help you

reduce or avoid the need for medication.

2. Restoring Balance

Do you struggle with hormonal imbalances, or have abnormal bloodwork showing

vitamin or mineral deficiencies? Or maybe you get plenty of sleep but still feel

incredibly fatigued? A dietitian can help investigate why this is happening and tailor

nutrition recommendations to restore balance and help you feel like yourself again.

3. Managing Allergies or Intolerances

Do you have a food allergy or suspect you may have an intolerance to certain foods?

Maybe you’re intolerant to lactose or gluten or other foods. If you find yourself having

reactions to any food, your dietitian can help you meet your needs, identify hidden

sources of trigger foods, and avoid your trigger foods while eating a well-balanced diet.

4. Learning About Special Diets

Are you eating more plant-based and want to make sure you’re meeting your nutrition

needs? Or maybe the DASH diet was recommended to you for hypertension, or the

Mediterranean diet for healthy eating? Are you looking for information about a trending

diet like the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting or the paleo diet? A dietitian can

demystify special diets, help you figure out what’s right for you, and show you how to

implement your diet in a healthy, nutrient-dense way.

5. Healthy Eating Through the Lifecycle

Whether you are eating on the go due to work commitments, caring for your children

or parents, or all of the above, a dietitian can help. Different life stages bring different

nutritional needs and challenges. Your dietitian can help you find solutions to strike a

healthy balance for you and your loved ones.

There are many reasons to consult a dietitian. Whatever your health goals,

a nutritious diet is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, and your

dietitian can help you make changes to support your journey. Your dietitian

will provide personalized nutrition recommendations, tips, tricks and

resources along the way. You’ll have check-ins with your dietitian to answer

your questions, keep you on track, and to help you stay motivated. Are you

ready to transform your health and unlock the potential of food? Contact

your FSEAP Registered Dietitian today!


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