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A New Year, A New Way

Another 365 days have come and gone as we transition to a new calendar

year filled with undisclosed adventures and promises. What will this New

year hold? A promotion? A new relationship? We can never be sure of what the future holds, but we can look ahead with promise and hope for more triumphs than trials. While we can never truly be ready for what will unfold, there are ways we can mentally and physically prepare ourselves.

A successful preparation starts with a healthier and happier you. Buckle-up and ring-in the new year with Top 5 Dietitian Approved Tips.

5 Steps to a happier and healthier you:

Keep it positive

A New Year’s Resolution shouldn’t feel like a punishment. Rather than resolving to lose weight or eat less, focus on positive resolutions such as improving lifestyle habits (For example: choosing tasty nutritious salad bowls for lunch or making time to do an activity you enjoy). Focusing on the positive actions you can take in your health journey is more motivating and sets your sights on something you can tackle today.

Let your hunger cues guide you

Try to listen to your body. Eat when you’re hungry and be mindful of your eating habits. Take note of what foods keep you full and times in the day that trigger a craving. Allow yourself to enjoy nutritious whole foods when you’re hungry and you won’t go wrong.

Mindful munching

Become mindful of why you are eating. If you are not hungry, distract yourself! Keeping a food journal of what and why you eat can help empower you to break these habits.

Get a head start

If you’re trying to improve your eating habits, step one is to stock up with the right foods and prepare a few meals and snacks on the weekend. Try cutting your veggies, washing fruits or marinating your meats. You will be very thankful to have done some of the work once the week starts. You’ll also have extra time for self-care activities.

Find a new metric

Don’t let your weight define the success of your new year’s resolution. Try setting a SMART goal and measuring your success by other metrics like improved fitness, better sleep, or increased energy and self-esteem. Ditch the scale and use your new metrics to guide you.

If you want to achieve a happier and healthier you this New Year, team up with a Registered Dietitian. Your Registered Dietitian will keep you focused and provide the support you need to succeed!

Call for your personal consultation with an FSEAP Registered Dietitian.



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