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You are not your thoughts. (Video)

About Kids Health has created this video for teens to help explain some of the things you can do when feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts. Take a look.

When you're done watching the video, take a moment to practice observing your thoughts with curiosity, not judgement. Pay attention to what feelings come up when you focus on each thought. Notice what happens to your body sensations and your emotions when you have these thoughts. Notice if these thoughts bring you closer or move your farther away from what's important to you or the goals you have for yourself.

Are you holding on to some thoughts even when you don't want to? Do you find yourself reacting to some thoughts in ways you don't mean or want to react?

"Learning to be aware of our thoughts can allow us to respond with more choice instead of reacting in ways we may regret. Observing our thoughts gives us some distance to see how our thoughts make us feel. We can then choose to act in ways that bring us closer to the things and the people that are important to us. Remember, you are not your thoughts."


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