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Taking a fresh look at weight loss - Join the “Body Positive” Challenge

Are you wanting to get ready for the summer, go on a trip, and feel good in your bathing suit or in a dress at your friend’s wedding this summer?


Do you find yourself tired of riding on the diet roller coaster? Do you judge yourself by what you see in the mirror?  Do you experience yourself not fitting in with society and the media’s norm of a perfect body?


Research shows that having a positive body image is a good predictor of how we treat ourselves when we feel comfortable in our body. Interestingly enough, there is also evidence that suggests that having self-compassion can lead to better health and quality of life.


Healthful behaviors, not weight loss, are the focus of a weight positive approach. These behaviors include eating a healthful diet (but not restricting intake), joyful movement, getting the proper amount of sleep, stress management, finding the joy in life, and intuitive eating—following hunger cues and eating mindfully. Acceptance of where one's body is comfortable and healthy at, in terms of  shape and size is the goal.


Are you ready to explore the concepts of body positivity and learn how you can practice being more compassionate towards and taking better care of your body?


In this Weight Positive Challenge, you will:


  • Establish your main goal and learn to practice a more intuitive relationship with your body.

  • Be coached and guided throughout the challenge in four, 30-minute weekly conversations.

  • Be supported in how to incorporate body positivity into all aspects of your life.

  • Receive 4, weekly emails with practical applications to body positivity to keep you motivated, focused and successful!


What makes this the perfect time to focus on feeling good in your body and pursuing healthy habits?


Spring is the time for renewal, planting the seed of a shift in mindset and focusing on feeling good in your body.


The good news is that you can lose weight in a sustainable healthy way while being body positive by:


  • Exploring your immediate and long-term motivators for change

  • Thinking about what you can add to your lifestyle vs. removing/restricting

  • Practicing gratitude towards your body

  • Engaging in movement that you truly enjoy

  • Developing a healthy relationship with food

  • Creating a sustainable and long-term action plan that includes lifestyle changes


Sign up today if you want to explore further how to lose weight in a sustainable way while embracing your body and feeling good instead of letting your weight control how you feel about yourself.


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