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How to Talk to Kids about COVID-19

Your kids are hearing about coronavirus (COVID-19). It is on the news, social media, and they are probably hearing about it from their friends and siblings. You want to make sure that they are accessing and hearing accurate information, and they want to hear about it from you.

Take the opportunity to talk to your kids about the pandemic. Ask questions, and listen to how they are feeling. Offer comfort, but be honest about the facts in an age-appropriate way. Follow their lead. If they aren't worried about things, that is okay too, but be mindful of changes in mood and behaviour which could be a sign of stress due to worry and uncertainty about the future.

For more information and strategies for talking to kids about COVID-19, as well as mindfulness resources geared toward kids, please access the resources below for more information.

Links to access resources:

Mindfulness resources for kids:



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