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How To Not Let BBQ’s Derail Your Goals This Summer

Summer is a special time. Whether you are a kid with a summer break from school, an avid hiker, a beach goer, or someone who lives for the summer get-togethers, the summer months are nothing short of wonderful. With longer days and less restrictions on social gatherings, many people look for any opportunity to spend more time outdoors socializing and who doesn't love a good BBQ? The summer often seems short and temptations for indulgences are all around.

So, what is the best way to maintain your commitment to your health related goals? Avoiding all social gatherings to help you stay focused may not be the best course of action and sticking to salads instead of a fully loaded hamburger and potato chips isn't sustainable. Balance and moderation are key when working at staying on track because, let's face it, resistance and willpower only last for so long.

Instead, try to incorporate balance as a strategy to help you stay committed to your health goals and find a way you can treat yourself while keeping your health as a priority. Try having a half hamburger with a green salad and maybe a few chips on the side. Order a mini sized ice cream instead of a regular size or commit to only having one alcohol beverage per social event.

Here are some other strategies that can help you practice moderation at social gatherings:

  • Try not to show up hungry. Instead, have a small salad or fruit and a glass of water before you leave home.

  • Focus on the social part: Although the food is often the centre of attention at social events, make sure you focus on the socializing part and not just the eating part of the event.

  • Don't go for seconds: Most BBQs and social events often offer lots of food options. A good strategy is to make your plate of food and then move away from the food table and try not to come back.

No matter what approach you take, the key is to reach for and practice balance and moderation.

If you find you need some help with this, reach our to your EFAP for support from a 12 Weeks to Wellness health coach so you can enjoy your summer and all the events that go with it!


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