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Building Your Anxiety Skills (Video)

Anxiety is our body's natural response to stress--a feeling of unease, apprehension or nervousness often about what's to come. For example, people often feel some level of anxiety when going to a job interview or giving a speech, or when making a big life decision.

Anxiety is made up of negative thoughts, uncomfortable and distressing physiological sensations, and difficult or unpleasant emotions that, in its extreme form, can interfere with our sense of well-being, enjoyment of life or relationships, and work performance. If the feelings of anxiety become extreme, chronic (such as lasting for six months or longer), and interfere with our ability to enjoy and function in life, it can become debilitating.

Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Emma McAdams, has published series of short videos that help make sense of what we experience when feeling anxious or panicked and teach skills that can help us respond in more helpful ways to better cope and feel a greater sense of control in tense situations.

Fight-Flight-Free Response: Anxiety Skills #1

(5:02 minutes)

Stress, Anxiety, and Worry: Anxiety Skills #2

(4:04 minutes)

How Nervous is Your Nervous System? Anxiety Skills #3

(3:16 minutes)

How to Turn off the Fight, Flight, Freeze Response: Anxiety Skills #4

(6:47 minutes)

Grounding Exercise: Anxiety Skills #5

(3:12 minutes)


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