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Back from the Bluez: Coping with Depression (e-Course)

From the Centre for Clinical Interventions--Self-Help Resources for Mental Health Problems

"Depression is considered to be a disorder of mood. Individuals who are depressed, describe low mood that has persisted for longer than two weeks. In mild forms of depression, individuals may not feel bad all day but still describe a dismal outlook and a sense of gloom. Their mood may lift with a positive experience, but fall again with even a minor disappointment. In severe depression, a low mood will persist throughout the day, failing to lift even when pleasant things occur.  The low mood may fluctuate during the day such that it may be worse in the morning and relatively better in the afternoon. This is called ‘diurnal variation,’ which often accompanies a more severe type of depression."

This online e-course is designed to provide you with helpful information about depression and suggested strategies (based on a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach) for how you can manage your mood. It includes access to:

  • the Back from the Bluez Workbook (Modules 1 - 9),

  • 15 downloadable information sheets on Depression, and

  • 12 downloadable worksheets on Depression.


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