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Returning to the Workplace-- Resiliency Toolkit for Employees

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

The Resiliency Toolkit provides resources to help you develop awareness, skills and strategies to build and maintain your resiliency. In the toolkit, you will find information and resources on:

  • 5 Factors of Resilience

  • Managing Stress

  • Coping with Uncertainty and Change

  • Recognizing and Challenging Negative Thinking

  • Coping with Burnout

  • Building a Social Support Network

  • Improving Sleep

  • Practicing Gratitude

  • EFAP Services and Supports for Individuals

For more information, please click below to download the toolkit.

Return to the Workplace--Resilience Toolkit for Employees (June 18 2021)-Final
Download PDF • 1.66MB


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