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Mental Health Check-In Worksheet

The state of our mental well-being affects how we feel, act, and relate to others. It's important to know that our mental health can fluctuate due to daily struggles or challenges, especially when a problem exceeds our coping capabilities. By checking in with ourselves, we can determine if our mental health is suffering and take the necessary actions to get back on track.

Because we are so subjective about how we feel, and may not be able to clearly identify when it’s time to get help, asking yourself these questions can help you evaluate some patterns and clues to the current state of your mental well-being.

  1. Am I experiencing aches and pains that I can’t associate with a medical condition?

  2. Do I find my heart racing without having done exercise?

  3. Have I lost interest in activities that I used to like?

  4. Do I suddenly sleep more or less?

  5. Has there been a change in my appetite?

  6. Am I more irritable than usual?

  7. Do I feel overly tired even when I have slept enough?

  8. Have other people commented about changes that they see in me?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the questions above why not talk to someone about

how you’re doing and assess whether you could use some positive support. Talk to your doctor,

a counsellor, or reach out to your EAP program provided by FSEAP to talk things through.

Mental Health Check-In Worksheet
Download PDF • 30KB


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