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Financial/Credit Counselling

Updated: Jun 11

Eligible FSEAP clients can receive access to Financial Counsellors and Consultants’ advice on all financial matters including, but not limited to: financial planning, debt counseling, credit counselling, tax and accounting.

FSEAP offers two options for Financial Support; Financial Counselling offers ongoing financial and personal support, while Financial Consultation can provide quick, practical answers to common financial questions and concerns.

1. Financial Counselling – In Person or Telephone FSEAP’s Financial Counselling services allow clients to meet with a Financial Consultant who is also a Registered Clinical Counsellor in person or over the phone. The counsellor offers eligible clients analysis based on the appraisal of the clients’ financial position to identify planning and net worth building capabilities. The counsellor may also provide clinical support on the driving beliefs behind each particular financial position, the causes of financial distress, or the consequences of monetary constraints.

Financial Counsellors specialize in budgeting, financial modeling, investments, and debt management. Because we find that many of the common causes of financial distress include relationship issues, separation and divorce, addictions, anxiety, depression, health issues, work performance, stress, and trauma, FSEAP’s Financial Counselling aims to not only address your ongoing financial concerns, but also tackle the underlying issues.

2. Financial Consultation – Telephone FSEAP’s network of financial consultants will provide up to 45 minutes of personalized financial consultations. Each financial advisory consultant is a highly qualified, experienced and credentialed professional. Financial consultants have various backgrounds including accountants, certified financial planners, and debt collection managers.

Consultants may: - Provide credit counseling; - Educate on financial planning; - Assist with budgeting; or - Educate on tax planning.

Please note that not all employers or organizations purchase the same service options for their EFAP benefit. Eligibility for services may be easily confirmed by contacting one of our toll free numbers or submitting an online request. 


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