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Antidepressant Skills @ Work

Learn problem-solving, realistic thinking, and reactivating your life skills to help guard against or reduce the impact of depression.

Authors: Dr. Dan Bilsker, Dr. Merv Gilbert, Dr. Joti Samra (2007)

“This workbook is intended for:

  • Working people with low mood, who may be at risk for developing depression;

  • Working people who have developed a mild or major depression;

  • Partners, family members, friends or workplace colleagues who want to help;

  • Employers, supervisors or managers concerned about their staff;

  • Treatment providers who would like a tool to use as an adjunct to their clinical treatment.

It focuses on ways to:

  1. deal with workplace problems so they are less likely to cause depressed mood or lead to depression;

  2. reduce the effects of depression and depressed mood on work satisfaction and performance.

It includes a description of depression, possible causes and options for treatment. It teaches three practical skills, based on scientific evidence, for dealing with depressed mood. Skills are presented in a step-by-step format. It also presents stories that show how working people might use these skills and gives an overview of workplace issues that arise for people dealing with depression and depressed mood.” (


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