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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an EFAP/EAP/MAP?


Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), also known as Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Member Assistance Program (MAP), provides employees and their families with access to confidential services to help resolve personal, family, or work-related concerns. The EFAP services are provided by Family Services Employee Assistance Programs (FSEAP) and are paid for by sponsoring employers, unions or associations. There is no cost to eligible employees, union members or their eligible family members (as defined by their benefits plan).


Who is eligible to use the services?


Eligibility is determined by the sponsoring employer, union or association and generally includes employees and/or union members. It may also be available to immediate family members, including a cohabiting partner/spouse and dependent children. Eligible individuals may also bring other people to their sessions. To determine if you or your family members are eligible, check with your employer, union or benefits provider, or give us a call.


How can I find out what services I’m eligible to access?


Not all organizations purchase the complete suite of FSEAP's services. However, finding out what services are available to you and your eligible family members is easy. You can view information about your organization's program benefits - just go to the menu and select Login. To login enter the username and password you were provided (the same login you use to access your myfseap page on your computer  - Or, you can check with your human resources or benefits departments.


Is the service confidential?


Yes, the use of the FSEAP's services and any information collected is completely confidential within the full limits of the law.  The information our EFAP counsellors collect during the initial call and throughout the service process is used to: 

  • Ensure we can contact you; 

  • Better understand your service needs;

  • Maintain accountability as a service provider;

  • Ensure that safety, legal and ethical standards are met; and

  • Assess the quality of our services.


FSEAP counsellors and consultants do not release any information without prior written consent except to protect life and when ordered to do so by a court of law. Read more about FSEAP Confidentiality and  Privacy policies.


When are appointments offered?


FSEAP offers flexible appointment times for counselling, including day, evening, and weekend appointments. Work/life services are generally offered over the phone during regular business hours. In-person counselling appointments are typically offered within 3—5 days of your call.


What can I expect from counselling?


The nature of FSEAP's counselling is short-term and not for the treatment of serious or chronic emotional, psychiatric, or behavioural concerns. On average, most people use 3-5 sessions for each issue they seek assistance with.

In cases where the presenting issue and/or desired goals require longer-term or specialized treatment, our counsellors will promptly identify resources outside of the program to assist you. Your counsellor will let you know of any fees associated with those resources.


What financial support is available if I need longer-term or specialized help?


You may be covered by the Extended Health Benefits Plan offered by your employer or union for a portion of the funding of some psychological and clinical counselling services. Please contact your Human Resources Department or your benefits plan office for more details.


What if my counsellor is not a good fit for me?


The goal is to provide our clients with effective, supportive services. If you are not comfortable or satisfied with your counsellor for any reason, call the 1-800 line and you will be assigned a different counsellor.


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