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Your EFAP and How to Access Services

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

The right help, at the right time.

Your EFAP/MAP offers a number of confidential, free services and supports to help you and your family to strengthen your mental health, enhance your well-being and build your resilience.

Accessing services is easy. Ready to help, our intake and crisis lines are staffed and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or, login to your employer's myFSEAP account to submit a service form online. Our network of qualified counselling professionals and consultants is able and ready to support Canadians from coast to coast. Our team is ready to provide quality interventions, guidance and strategies to assist you in managing the potential stress and worry of living in challenging times, in addition to the variety of concerns Canadians face every day.


FSEAP's counselling provides effective short-term, professional counselling for individuals, couples, & families to support you with a broad range of mental health issues & concerns.

- 24/7 Access & Crisis Support​ Available

- Scheduled appointments available as telephone, e-counselling, or video sessions

- Immediate telephonic crisis support & stabilization, crisis counselling, assessment, & referral services.

- 1.800 Voice & TTY accessible from anywhere in North America

- Multi-lingual

Work-Life Balance Services

In addition to our counselling services, FSEAP also provides a variety of work/life balance services to help employees manage work & personal life responsibilities & reach their goals. For more information or to access these services, please visit or call FSEAP’s Intake Care Centre.

Our work/life services include the following:

Career Counselling

Provides coaching, information on self-care strategies, consultations, planning, assessments, strategies for employment, career advancement, retirement, & other related career topics.

Child/Eldercare Consultation

Offers consultation & assistance with finding community resources to help clients take care of their families.

Financial Counselling & Consulting

Assists clients with credit counselling, debt management, tax planning, budgeting, setting financial goals, preparing for retirement, & managing changes in personal situations.

Legal Consultation

Connects clients with a practicing lawyer in their area of need for a 30 minute telephone consultation on a broad range of legal matters.

Life Coaching

An alternative to traditional counselling therapy, our coaching service provides guidance for clients & employees at all levels to achieve personal & professional growth.

Health Coaching

Individualized help from a health coach offering a holistic approach to help participants make lasting positive lifestyle changes over the course of 12 weeks.

Nutritional Counselling

Provides consultation with a Registered Dietitian for a broad range of nutrition topics.

Smoking Cessation Support

Provides essential information & links to local services in addition to counselling & life coaching supports.

Health & Wellness

Search through a library of health & wellness articles on topics such as health & well-being, family & relationships, life, work & career. FSEAP provides an online health & wellness resource library, offering articles, e-newsletters, videos & podcasts, e-books, learning modules, & links to web resources for employees' self-study online.

Mobile App

(Available from the App store for Apple and Android devices)

The app offers a convenient way to access important information about EFAP services, as well also valuable self-help information to support you on your journey to make life, work better.

With myFSEAP mobile you can:

Contact the EFAP (by phone or by submitting an online service request) with the touch of a button.

- Login to view information specific to their benefit

- Review EFAP services details & FAQs

- Access FSEAP health & wellness newsletters

- Conveniently access to self-help online resources & tools



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