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Family Stage - Resource Kits

In addition to personalized telephone consultations and information packages, FSEAP’s Child/Eldercare Consultation service offers resource kits for caregivers.

These kits cover a variety of general topics including:

- Expecting a Baby;

- Your New Baby;

- Your Growing Toddler;

- Parenting Your Preschooler;

- Parenting Your 5-8 Year Old;

- Parenting Preteens;

- Terrific Teens,

- Healthy Living for Seniors

The kits provide tips, resources and information designed to help strengthen family relationships. Kit contents vary but may include pamphlets, booklets, books, posters, and toys. The items provide information for caregivers as well as information or resources for children or seniors.

Please note that not all employers or organizations purchase the same service options for their EFAP benefit. Eligibility for services may be easily confirmed by contacting one of our toll-free numbers or submitting an online request


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