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Career Counselling

Feeling dissatisfied or undecided about your career?


Career counselling can help you identify your interests, values and personal styles in order to make better career choices or meet your professional goals. Service includes career counselling and consultations with career specialists on issues including educational planning, career advancement and career changes, job search, resume and interview preparation.


Career support services include options for:


  • comprehensive career assessment to identify and target career goals;

  • identification of opportunities and possibilities for personal and professional growth to help individuals meet their career goals;

  • assistance with resume writing and developing strategies for employment research and professional networking;

  • specific coaching to assist individuals in preparing for an interview, including pre-interview research, planning and follow-up; and

  • role-playing to practice communication skills.


For confidential support, contact FSEAP.

Your benefit may not include all of the services described here. Please login or refer to your benefits material for more information.

Career Support

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