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7 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

We all deserve to be in a healthy relationship. Simply put, a healthy relationship brings out the best in you. Here are seven signs to look for:

1. You trust each other You trust your partner, meaning you have confidence in them, can rely on them, and feel safe with them physically and emotionally. You trust your partner no matter who they spend time with or where they go.

When you are consistent in your actions and words (you do what you say and say what you do), you are building trust. 

2. You support each other You encourage and inspire each other to be your best selves and to keep growing.  When something negative happens, you and your partner are there for each other for comfort and support.

3. You are equal partners You and your partner both have a say in the relationship. From what to do on the weekend to how many children to have, you make decisions together. You view each other as equals - one partner doesn’t see themselves as better or more powerful in the relationship.

Both of you also contribute your fair share to the relationship - maybe your partner cannot cook but will take care of grocery shopping. 

4. You can be yourselves You deserve a partner who loves you just the way you are.  So keep your identity and be honest about your likes and dislikes, show your quirks, reveal your guilty pleasures, and continue with your hobbies. You are your own person, whether you are in a relationship or not.  

You accept each other for the person you are right now. You don’t try to change each other. You also spend time apart to have some alone time, meet with friends, and pursue your own interests.

5. You communicate well and honestly with each other You and your partner feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and feelings freely and honestly to each other. That means there are no forbidden topics, and you both feel heard. It may be challenging to talk about tough issues, but partners in healthy relationships don’t hold back.

Arguments are normal, but healthy couples fight fair. There is no name calling, blaming, or assuming what your partner thinks or feels. Your goal is to understand your partner’s point of view.

6. You have fun together You enjoy each other’s company and have fun. This doesn’t mean that you are always on cloud nine – but your life together is happy and fun most of the time.

7. You respect each other You and your partner respect each other not only as partners but as unique individuals. You respect each other’s dignity, wishes, and see value in each other.

You can set boundaries with each other about what you’re both comfortable with, and those boundaries are respected. If you’d like to learn more about healthy relationships, read this list of 50 characteristics of healthy relationships. If you’re interested in building your skills for healthier relationships, relationship counselling can help.


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