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COVID-19 Update

We hope that you are keeping well. In light of provincial announcements across the country about returning to work, organizations are now putting their minds towards planning a gradual return to work. During the sheltering at home phase of COVID-19, FSEAP was considered to be an essential service and has been able to continue providing much-needed counselling by video and telephone during the last few months. As provincial governments start to give the green light to begin planning a return to the office, as well as to begin seeing clients face-to-face (with restrictions), FSEAP is putting together a plan as to how we will return to the office in a safe and reasonable way. We will keep you informed as to our plan going forward and how we will begin introducing in-person counselling once again. These plans will be informed by restrictions made in each province, and as a result, the response may vary across the country. We are not alone in having mixed feelings about returning to the office to resume our work. Many of us are excited to return, even with specific restrictions in place, like keeping our distance, making sure we’re washing our hands, and keeping things disinfected; and, some of us are hesitant, worried about health concerns for families, or not yet feeling safe enough to return. FSEAP will continue to support clients with online and telephone counselling as staff and clients gradually return to our offices. Prior to our return to the office, we will be informing you about any restrictions or “rules” that clients may need to accept before meeting our counsellors face to face. We are also in conversation with our affiliate network to determine how they can begin to see clients safely as well. Please let employees know they can still request telephone or video counselling indefinitely if this helps them to continue to feel safe to access their EAP. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we, like you, navigate these uncertain times and plan for the safe return of our staff and clients.

Please contact your dedicated account/EFAP program manager if you have questions or requests. If you aren’t a current customer of FSEAP and would like to learn more about how we can help, please contact us. View previous update: March 18, 2020

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