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Healthy Meal Planning 101

Dernière mise à jour : 16 oct. 2023

As we move out of summer vacation mode, and back into the full swing of things, it’s time to get organized. The return to routine is a great opportunity to set up some healthy habits that will keep you on track for the rest of the year. With a little planning, you can enjoy healthy meals during the busy work week, without the stress. Healthy meal prep will allow you to discover the pleasure of cooking and eating well and save you from having to resort to costly and less nutritious fast-food, takeout and vending machine options. Finally, you can reach your health goals, say goodbye to mealtime madness, and say hello to feeling totally on the ball.

Get started with these 5 healthy meal planning:

  • Plan Your Schedule: Choose one day of the week to sit down and plan your weekly menu, including meals and snack options. From there you can make your grocery list, decide when to shop, and schedule when you’ll have time to meal prep and cook.

  • Give Yourself a Head Start: When you’re not in a rush, do a bit of prep to help yourself later. For example, when you get home from grocery shopping, do some basic prep as you are putting your groceries away, like rinsing and trimming your celery so that the stalks are stored clean and ready to use. Or when things settle down in the evenings, take a few minutes to chop some veggies or portion out ingredients for the next day, so cooking is quicker when the time comes. Do a little today, and you’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

  • Keep Inventory: Take stock of your pantry and freezer staples regularly to make sure you always have your essentials on hand. Have a system to easily add items to your grocery list as needed, like keeping a running grocery list on your phone. Using an application like Google Keep or AnyList will allow your household member to easily share the list. Be sure to check off the items as you buy them to keep the list up to date.

  • Make Your Menu Multitask: For the minimum effort with maximum results, think of meal ingredients that can multitask. For example, if you’re grilling chicken for dinner, make extra to go in a Caesar salad, or a grilled chicken wrap. Cooking a side of quinoa with your salmon today? Use leftovers for your buddha bowl tomorrow and add some to your homemade veggie burgers the next day.

  • Include Light Days: Be realistic with your menu, and plan to do less cooking on the days that are extra tight on time or low on energy. That could mean eating leftovers, or planning for very quick and simple options.

If you’re looking to do more healthy meal planning, we have a challenge for you! The 30-Day Healthy Meal Planning Challenge will help you learn to plan and prep healthy menus, while working with a FSEAP Registered Dietitian to create lifelong change. Your FSEAP Registered Dietitian will coach you every step of the way to help you achieve your nutrition goals in a way that fits your life.

The 30-Day Healthy Meal Planning Challenge:

This September, sign up for the 30-Day Healthy Meal Planning Challenge and get coaching from a FSEAP Registered Dietitian. Your dietitian will work with you side by side to help you reach your goals.

In this 30-Day Challenge, you will:

  • Receive practical information, recipes, and tips to get started, and to keep you motivated, focused and successful!

  • Get personalized guidance while discussing your progress and questions with your Registered Dietitian in 30-minute weekly conversations.

  • Be supported and coached throughout the entire 30-day journey.

Challenge Accepted? Call FSEAP to sign up for the 30-Day Healthy Meal Planning Challenge, or to find out about the Nutrition Counselling Services.

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