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Your Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

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For immediate support call (toll-free from Canada and US)*:


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*If you are outside of Canada and the US, connect with your local operator and ask to reverse the charges.

*Your employer or union must have a contract with FSEAP in order to access services. 

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Help to make life, work better.

  • 24/7/365, confidential and voluntary support service that helps employees and their eligible family members find the right options and solutions to resolve personal, family, or work-related challenges.

  • Services are provided and paid for by your employer. There is no cost to you.

To learn more about who is eligible to access the service, what to expect, and more, click here. Or, click below for a quick video overview of the services provided by FSEAP.

EFAP Services
FSEAP Kingston

Your Program Supports

As part of the Program, you and eligible family members can access telephone counselling services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world. Professional staff trained in telephone crisis response are available any time of day or night. You can speak confidentially about anything that is causing distress, for example:

  • you are experiencing an emotional crisis

  • you want to harm yourself or someone else

  • you or your children are being abused by a spouse or partner

  • you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and are ready to seek help

  • you are the victim of or have witnessed an act of violence

  • you have experienced a traumatic event at work.


Whatever you discuss with a counsellor is kept confidential. No information will be released to anyone without your written consent except when required by law. To access the helpline services, call one of the numbers listed on this page anytime, 24 hours a day. You will be offered immediate assistance over the telephone, and if necessary, an appointment will be arranged for you to see a counsellor as soon as possible.

Your program offers confidential, crisis and short-term counselling services to help you, and eligible family members (if applicable), effectively resolve the issue you may be facing.

Our professional counsellors are caring, dedicated and passionate about helping our clients resolve the issues that people face every day, such as relationship issues, parenting or family concerns, health concerns, stress (at work or home), struggles with anxiety, depression or anger, grief and loss, and much more.

FSEAP's personal counselling service includes assessment, information, referral, and/or short-term, goal-focused counselling.  Personal counselling services are accessible as in-person office, by telephone or online (e-counselling), or video counselling sessions. 


FSEAP's clinical providers are highly qualified and professional counsellors, with a degree in psychology, counselling psychology, social work, or related field. Each counsellor has a minimum of five years experience and is registered with a professional college or association.

Now available through your Employee and Family Assistance Program provided by FSEAP, MindBeacon’s Therapist-Guided Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) Program is there for you wherever and whenever you want it. 


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is of the most effective forms of therapy to help many mild-to-moderate mental health concerns. With MindBeacon’s Guided iCBT, you experience CBT at your own pace and schedule, with a dedicated therapist guiding you throughout. Guided iCBT program content includes readings and exercises that have all been developed by clinical experts to help you develop the skills to resolve troubling symptoms and build your resilience. 


The guided iCBT program is delivered 100% online – through your laptop, phone or tablet. So, you can participate when and where you want. There are no appointments to keep, and you can send messages to your therapist when something is on your mind. Your therapist will get back to you within one (1) business day.


More about CBT 


CBT is a time-limited, problem-focused, and goal-oriented form of therapy. It looks at how the way we think about things can affect our feelings and behaviours. CBT helps us learn how to change negative cycles of thoughts and behaviours so we can function better in order to improve our quality of life.


What kinds of mental health issues does Guided iCBT help? 


Guided iCBT is designed to help individuals (age 16 years or older) experiencing mild-to-moderate mental health concerns. 

  • Managing Stress 

  • Posttraumatic Stress 

  • Coping with Chronic Pain 

  • Social Anxiety 

  • Coping with Chronic Illness 

  • Panic 

  • Health Anxiety 

  • General Anxiety and Worry 

  • Managing Alcohol Use 

  • Depression 

  • Building Better Relationships 

  • Tackling Insomnia 

  • Returning to Work 


Managing Grief and Loss and Obsessive-Compulsive Concerns are coming soon! 



Guided iCBT is not for people in crisis. If you believe you need immediate psychological assistance, contact your family doctor or call 911.

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Work/Life services are designed to assist you in addressing everyday issues that can interfere with our ability to be focused and effective at home or work. These consultation services are delivered by qualified experts who provide advice, guidance, information, and referrals to community-based resources. These services are delivered via telephone, online, and in-person (where available), and include the following:

  • Family Care (Child and Eldercare) Consultation and Resources

  • Family Care - Resource Kits for Family and Life's Stages

  • Financial Coaching and Credit Counselling

  • Legal Referral and Advisory Services

  • Career Counselling

  • Nutrition Counselling

  • Life Coaching

  • Health Coaching

  • Smoking Cessation Support

For more detailed information about any of the services listed above, please see Services, or give us a call. A member of our FSEAP team will be happy to help.

Unlock your best self with LIFT’s Personalized Wellness Journeys and Live Coach Chat.

LIFT Session is a digital fitness and wellness platform included in your EAP, with a wide variety of classes accessible to all fitness levels.

Personalized Wellness Journey


Based on your level and goals, you’ll be guided through a program built specifically for you. Spend less time searching, and more time moving. Smart recommendations will automatically suggest your next workout as you get stronger and progress through your journey.

  • Accessible to all levels, no equipment required

  • A library of different workout types (yoga, HIIT, low-impact, prenatal, and more!)

  • Workouts ranging from 5 to 45 min to accommodate any schedule

  • Connects with Apple Health and Google Fit


Live Coach Chat

Stay motivated while achieving your health goals. Live Coach Chat is like having your very own personal trainer at your fingertips.

  • Receive personalized guidance and assistance throughout your wellness journey to ensure you progress and stay on track

  • Ask questions and receive advice on training, nutrition, sleep, recovery and more!


Whether you’re interested in resolving conflicts and challenges more effectively or simply want to learn new skills, we can help. We offer a variety of classes for parents, couples, individuals, and organizations.

For Parents:

  • Nurturing Newborn Attachment

  • Parenting Toddlers & Preschoolers

  • Parenting School-Aged Children

  • Parenting Teens

  • Positive Parenting Strategies

  • Parenting in Blended Families

  • Parenting through Divorce & Separation

  • Discipline for Children & Youth

  • Self-Care for Parents

  • Parenting Communication Skills

For Couples:

  • Couples Communication

  • Marriage Preparation

  • Remarriage Preparation

Self Improvement:

  • Building Self-Esteem

  • Journey to Self-Discovery

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • Overcoming Anxiety

  • Living with Depression

  • Understanding Addictions

Anger Management:

  • Men & Anger

  • Women & Anger

  • Understanding Anger (gender neutral)

  • Anger Management for Teens

For more detailed information about any of the services listed above, please click here or give us a call.


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Frequently Asked Questions

An Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), Employee Assistance Program (EAP), or Member Assistance Program (MAP) provides employees, union members and their eligible family members with access to confidential services to help individuals resolve personal, family or work-related concerns. The EFAP/EAP/MAP services are provided by Family Services Employee Assistance Programs (FSEAP) and are paid for by sponsoring employers, unions or associations. There is no cost to eligible employees, union members, or family members.

Eligibility is determined by the organization funding the benefit. Generally, the EFAP is available to eligible employees and their immediate family members, including a cohabiting partner and dependent children. Eligible individual may also bring other people to their sessions. For more information about eligibility criteria and the benefits specific to your organization, just give us a call.

When you call, an Intake specialist will speak with you about your particular situation, your needs and preferences, and will conduct a brief risk assessment, to help determine the best support to help resolve the issue you are facing. You'll also be asked some questions to confirm that you are eligible to access the service. If you are in crisis, you will be provided immediate help.

The nature of the program's counselling service is short-term and not for the treatment of serious or chronic emotional, psychiatric, or behavioural concerns. On average, most people use 3-5 sessions for each issue they seek assistance with.


In cases where the presenting issue and/or desired goals require longer-term or specialized treatment, our counsellors will promptly identify resources outside of the program to assist you. Your counsellor will let you know of any fees associated with those resources.

The EFAP offers flexible appointment times for counselling, including day, evening, and weekend appointments (where available). Work/life services are generally offered over the phone during regular business hours. In-person counselling appointments are typically offered within 3—5 days of your call.

You may be covered by the Extended Health Benefits Plan offered by your employer or union for a portion of the funding of some psychological and clinical counselling services. Please contact your Human Resources Department or your benefits plan office for more details.

The goal is to provide our clients with effective, supportive services. If you are not comfortable or satisfied with your counsellor for any reason, call the 1-800 line and you will be assigned a different counsellor.

Accessing the service is easy, just give us a call.

If you are looking for answers to a question not listed here, just call. A member of our FSEAP team will be happy to help.



Confidentiality is an important part of the bond of trust between FSEAP and you. Ensuring your privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to FSEAP and is central in the design of our EFAP services.


Confidentiality means:

  • All communication between you and your EAP counsellor/consultant is private within the limits of the law.*

  • Employees from the same organization are never scheduled back-to-back.

  • No one from your workplace or private life will be given verbal or written confirmation of your attendance at counselling.

  • Demographical and program utilization statistics shared with your employer or union are presented in a general, non-identifying way about the employee group as a whole, never identifying individuals.

  • Case files are stored in a secure location and are not released to anyone without written consent or under court order.


You can choose to sign a written consent giving permission for your counsellor to communicate with other health care providers, and/or other third parties; you may choose to do this in situations where it is in your best interest to involve them in supporting a plan for your treatment.


​​Information Collected During Service Delivery

The information our EFAP counsellors collect during the initial call and throughout the service process is used to:


  • Ensure we can contact you;

  • Better understand your service needs;

  • Maintain accountability as a service provider;

  • Ensure that safety, legal and ethical standards are met; and

  • Assess the quality of our services.


FSEAP's Legal Obligations*

Under Provincial and Canadian Law, confidentiality is limited in instances where it is determined that you may present risk of harm to yourself and/or others, by a court order or through some other specific segments of legislation (for example, if it is determined that a child may be in need of protection). In those circumstances, your counsellor may have to report to the appropriate parties or authorities as required by law or ethics.

EFAP counsellors and consultants do not release any information without prior written consent except to protect life and when ordered to do so by a court of law.


Looking for help or more information? Call us, anytime. 

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